LEO & Security Personnel Training

I’m very proud that we’ve has been selected by National Safe Skies Alliance Inc. (www.sskies.org) to create a comprehensive training resource for Airport Law Enforcement and Security Personnel. We are very fortunate to have put together a team of experienced Airport Law Enforcement/Security Management personnel. The SSi Team will be researching best practices and recommendations for a law enforcement/Security personnel training curriculum. A key objective will include creating curriculum that is scalable to a airport’s size, budget and needs. We will be reaching out to a number of airports seeking input from many stakeholders. Anyone wishing to share their best practices for Airport LEO/Security Personnel training, please feel free to reach out to via LinkedIn, Twitter DM or email. There are no better experts than found in this forum. Thanks Christopher Pheasant @Bill McAteer Don Zoufal @Duane McGray Scott Booth for rounding out the SSi TEAM. #training #research #airports #lawenforcement #securitymanagement