TSA Updates Security Rules Leading into the Holidays

By Pedro Pla, on Dec 04, 2017

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is taking measures to ensure that the holidays are merry, bright and safe for the 100 million American passengers who are expected to travel by plane this year. The TSA has announced some changes regarding its screening procedures going into the busy holiday travel season. The biggest change that travelers are likely to notice is that all electronic items larger than a cellular phone must now be removed from carry-on bags and placed into bins for X-ray screening.
People who travel regularly are probably already familiar with this procedure when it comes to laptops. However, it is being expanded to include a variety of electronics. This means that anyone packing their bags for a trip during the holiday season should be prepared to remove items like Kindles, iPads, cameras and more. The additional screening rules are being applied at all airports throughout the country.
The holiday season is a time when passengers should pay attention to any gift items that they plan to bring with them when they board flights. Some items that may seem like harmless gifts may actually trigger security issues in TSA screening lines. Objects with sharp points or liquid components could raise red flags or violate TSA safety requirements.
For instance, gift items like snow globes or corkscrews may need to be confiscated or forfeited before a passenger can get on a plane. Even something as innocent as a culinary gift could cause a headache in an airport security line. While baked goods like cakes and pies are permitted, jars of jams and jellies that exceed the TSA’s limit for liquids are not. The TSA recommends that passengers leave gifts unwrapped before placing them inside carry-on bags.

Pedro Pla is co-founder of GET.com. He has been around the globe several times and considers collecting air miles and points from credit cards to be a hobby, if not, an obsession. Email: p@get.com.