DFW ARFF Joint Announcement with SSi

SSi, Inc. and DFW Fire Training Research Center (FTRC) are excited to announce the completion of a year-long project to assist Airports to better meet the requirements for ARFF Recurrent Training as outlined in FAR 139.319. An extensive review of the following ARFF recurrent courses was accomplished with the ARFF expertise from the DFW FTRC, and the online learning technology from SSi, Inc.

· Airport familiarization, including airport signs, marking, and lighting

· Aircraft familiarization

· Rescue and firefighting personnel safety

· Emergency communications systems on the airport, including fire alarms

· Use of the fire hoses, nozzles, turrets, and other appliances required for compliance with this part

· Application of the types of extinguishing agents required for compliance with this part

· Emergency aircraft evacuation assistance

· Firefighting operations

· Adapting and using structural rescue and firefighting equipment for aircraft rescue and firefighting

· Aircraft cargo hazards, including hazardous materials/dangerous goods incidents

· Familiarization with firefighters’ duties under the airport emergency plan

This project was part of an effort to design and develop a system that provides ARFF courses online, accessible 24/7, with a full record keeping system for any Airport or ARFF personnel as needed. The courses represent approximately 10 hours of interactive training, quizzes, tests, and solid structured content for ARFF personnel at any size Airport.

Because instruction is delivered online, the system can provide a convenient method to train and maintain compliance for mutual aid departments that may assist the Airport onsite in the case of a large scale event. The courses are available at all times and can be taken from tablets, laptops, and PC’s.

The record keeping system provides Airports with an accessible format available to provide reports to inspectors that will show all personnel training records for ARFF programs, including annual recurrent information. Reports can be viewed online, printed, and/or downloaded on-demand to Excel.

This program along with the Live-Fire training capability at the DFW FTRC provide the most comprehensive annual recurrent program currently available.

For more information and to see how to sign up your personnel, go to scott 602-980-4917, or Kevin Tully with the DFW FTRC – ktully 972.973.8356.