Legalized Marijuana – A Drug Testing Conundrum

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Legalized Marijuana

A Drug Testing Conundrum

With legalized marijuana on the rise, is it all that surprising the lines have become blurred when it comes to drug testing and employee expectations?

In our latest blog, "Legalized Marijuana – A Drug Testing Conundrum" we go over how to deal with drug testing and the wavering expectations of employees in a society where marijuana isn’t going away anytime soon.

  • 25 – to date 25 states, including the District of Columbia, have legalized marijuana for recreational or medical use
  • 13,500,000 – in 2014, 6.6% of adults or 13,500,000, age 26 or older, have admitted to being current users of marijuana
  • 22,000,000 – Of the more than 22 million current illicit drug users aged 18 or older in 2014, just over 70 percent were employed either full or part time.
  • 52% – Fifty-two percent of Americans now say marijuana should be legal, while 42 percent think it should be illegal

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