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TSA Launces DAC Customer Service Survey

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) advised ACI-NA that it is launching its third annual Designated Aviation Channeler (DAC) Customer Service Survey, beginning Monday, May 9. The survey can be accessed via a link below. Following is the announcement from TSA:

As we launch the third annual DAC Customer Service survey, TSA would like your feedback on the customer service and help desk support provided by your Designated Aviation Channeler (DAC) (i.e., AAAE, Morpho Trust, and Telos ID).

TSA’s Aviation Channeling Project, started in April 2012, provides aviation stakeholders with a choice of DACs. TSA is interested in obtaining your feedback on the quality of customer service you receive. Your anonymous feedback enables TSA to monitor the DACs’ effectiveness as part of the Aviation Channeling Program.

The past two years’ survey results highlighted both strengths and opportunities for improvement. Stakeholder feedback is one of the tools used by TSA to gauge the quality of the services offered by its vendors. Your participation in this survey is requested but not required, and your response will help TSA gauge the effectiveness of services that the three TSA DACs are responsible to provide to you under their Other Transaction Agreement with TSA.

For the purposes of this questionnaire, the terms "Customer Services", "Customer Support", and "Help Desk", are the same. To the extent practicable, responses should reflect the totality of your experience with DACs.

The survey will be available from May 9 through May 27. To access the survey, please click the link below:

TSA Aviation Channeling Service Provider Project Survey

For any questions or concerns, please contact the TSA at Aviation.Workers.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Christopher R. Bidwell, Vice President, Security, at (202) 861-8081 or <a href="mailto:scusson, Director, Public Safety and Security, at (202) 293-4532.

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