LEO Reimbursement Program Solicitation Posted

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LEO Reimbursement Program Solicitation Posted

The LEO Reimbursement Program solicitation is now available on the Federal Business Opportunities website. The application period will be open for 45 calendar days. Any applications received after the closing date will be considered late and will not receive consideration for funding until all of the applications received prior to the closing date are processed, subject to the availability of funding.

As a reminder, the LEO Reimbursement Program, Office of Acquisition, and Office of Chief Counsel will host a webinar/conference call on July 7, 2015. There will be two sessions. You will need to access both the webinar (web link below) and conference line (audio). The webinar schedule is as follows:

July 7th at 10:30 AM (EDT) – Regions 1, 2, & 7 (Eastern) and Regions 3 & 4 (Central Area) – Enter as Guest


LEO Reimbursement Program – East/Central

Dial in Number: 1-877-417-8795

Passcode: 5279882

July 7th at 2:00 PM (EDT) – Regions 5 & 6 (Western Area) – Enter as Guest


LEO Reimbursement Program – West

Dial in Number: 1-877-417-8795

Passcode: 8492674

Due to the limited number of available lines and number of callers to be supported, TSA requests that, where possible, callers in the same location dial in together to maximize the number of available lines.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Christopher R. Bidwell, Vice President, Security and Facilitation, at (202) 861-8081 or <a href="mailto:scusson, Director, Public Safety and Security, at (202) 293-4532.

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