Urge Your Lawmakers to Modernize PFC Cap, Protect AIP

FAA Reauthorization Action Alert: Please Urge Your Lawmakers to Act. Use the links below.

As lawmakers continue to work on the FAA reauthorization bill and consider proposals to fundamentally change how the FAA is financed, we are asking airports to contact their elected officials again and convey a simple message: modernize the PFC cap and protect AIP funding.

As we have previously reported, the Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has been calling for a “transformational” FAA reauthorization bill. He and his staff have been closely examining proposals to reform the Air Traffic Control system and replace the current excise taxes with new cost-based user fees.

Proponents of ATC reform argue that the current financing system is broken. As part of that discussion some have proposed separating the Air Traffic Organization from the FAA and creating a private not-for-profit entity. Others have suggested converting the entire FAA into a government corporation or independent agency. See the recent Wall Street Journal article for more on the ATC reform debate.

The debate on fundamental reform of the FAA is just beginning in earnest, and it is unclear how much momentum it will ultimately get as specifics emerge on financing and governance. It also is unclear at this point exactly how airport financing will be addressed. That is why we believe it is important for individual airports to weigh in to encourage modernization of the PFC and emphasize the need to protect AIP, which some have suggested be funded by general taxpayer revenue.

ACI-NA and AAAE already have raised this matter with key lawmakers and Congressional staff. In addition to reinforcing the importance of a modernized PFC, leaders of the two associations sent a letter to Capitol Hill last month asking that any ATC reform package include the following:

· An airport trust fund dedicated exclusively to funding airport improvements;

· A system of aviation taxes and/or segment fees to support the trust fund;

· Enough trust fund revenue to support AIP funding at FY 2015 levels or higher; and

· Continued AIP eligibility for airports of all sizes.

ACI-NA and AAAE also have pointed out that adjusting the PFC cap to $8.50 and indexing it for inflation could open the door to recalibrating AIP and focusing limited federal funds on smaller airports.

Request:Together ACI-NA and AAAE are asking our members to contact their elected officials and similarly urge them to modernize the PFC cap and protect AIP funding. We have drafted a letter that you can easily send to your lawmakers electronically through the Action Center on our joint AirportsUnited website.

All you need to do is fill out your contact information and hit the send button. Your letter will automatically be sent to each member of your Congressional delegation. You also can print out the letter and send a hard copy if you prefer that option.

Thank you for your help with this. Please contact ACI-NA’s Government Affairs staff for any questions or concerns.