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Dear ACI-NA Small Airport Committee Members:

In my role as ACI-NA U.S. Policy Board Chair, I am writing to ask for your help with our FAA Reauthorization efforts. As you all know, a priority of ACI-NA and AAAE’s joint request to the Congress for Reauthorization was regulatory reform initiatives. The staff has met with the House and Senate committees about these proposals, but they need your help. The committee staff has asked for specific airport examples for the following two regulatory reform requests:

  • Eliminate FAA role in approving disposal, use, or leasing of non-airfield property purchased without federal funding except to prevent interference with safe aircraft operations and to ensure receipt of fair market value for any disposal of property.
  • Eliminate FAA role in approving non-airfield improvements and in non-aeronautical facilities except to ensure safety of aircraft operations.

If you have examples that you could share from your airport that would explain the regulatory burdens and delays that occurred because of these FAA requirements, please send them directly to me (lbleiweis@flyavl.com) or to Annie Russo (arusso@aci-na.org) of the ACI-NA Government Affairs team. The more examples we can provide the committee staff, the better chance we will have of including these two provisions in the FAA Reauthorization bill.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or Annie.


Bob Mattingly

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