Another security breach hits airport

Posted by Roy C. Mabasa on Feb 2nd, 2015

Another serious security breach was committed inside the Kalibo International Airport Saturday.
This developed as the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines is set to summon Philippine Airlines in connection with the first incident in which a mentally challenged woman managed to take a PAL flight to South Korea on January 22 even without any passport or plane ticket.

This latest incident came just days after CAAP came out with a report that identified the airport’s overcapacity as the main cause of the security infraction. The report also mentioned several recommendations that will prevent the recurrence of similar incidents in the future.
CAAP confirmed that another woman was able to enter one of the PAL’s high-security ramps accessible only to airline personnel and security.
However, unlike the first case that transpired just a week earlier, the shabbily dressed suspect was unable to board one of the planes.
According to the national aviation authority, PAL personnel were able to spot the second intruder just minutes before the departure of PAL’s 1:30 a.m. flight.
She was immediately brought to the nearby Philippine National Police station for further questioning. The airport intruder was later released, according to the sources, due to her mental incapacity.
It was noted that there are a number of holes to the ramp due to the ongoing construction of the terminal building. This could have allowed the intruder to slip in undetected by the security.
But the current development of the terminal building is not only the cause of the breach in security twice committed inside Kalibo International Airport.

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