Where Airport Security Fails: Worker Access

JAN. 5, 2015- On the Road- By JOE SHARKEY
As business travel resumes robustly this week, frequent fliers could reasonably
be asking questions about security. Do we in fact have a serious problem with
guns in our airports and, if so, is there anything to be done about it?
The number of guns discovered in passengers’ carry­on bags by
Transportation Security Administration screeners is rising sharply each year.

There were 2,201 found in 2014, up 21 percent from 2013 — and that was up
16.5 percent from 2012. It also stands to reason that at least some guns slip
through security and are being illegally carried on planes.
In 2013, Hartsfield ­Jackson Atlanta International Airport led the way
among American airports where guns were found at checkpoints, at 111.

In 2014, Atlanta came in second, with 109, just below Dallas­Fort Worth,
with 118, among airports where the most guns were found. Atlanta had been in
first place for the previous two years.

Which returns us to a matter discussed here last week, the audacious plot
based at the Atlanta airport in which authorities said more than 150 guns were
smuggled onto 17 Delta Air Lines flights from Atlanta to New York over a
seven­ month period ending Dec. 10.

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