City Working out AirportIssues

The Wichita Falls Regional Airport has been open for three weeks now, and city officials are still working out some details.
Tomorrow at the City Council meeting, councilors will vote on the food vendor moving into the airport, but before “The Kitchen” can start cooking, some things need to be worked out.
“The Kitchen” will serve a full service breakfast and lunch menu and will sell wine and beer.

Before the equipment can be moved in they could have to come up with a new name because we already have “The Kitchen” in town. That’s the name of the non­profit that runs Meals on Wheels, The Red Door, the Green Door and Kids Meals. City officials say they expect the naming issue will be worked out easily. John Burrus, director of aviation says getting the vendor in place will add a new element to the airport; letting loved ones eat with their friends or family before boarding the plane.

“You don’t see that in a lot of airports. Most people when they get to the airport, they go through security and then all the amenities are on the secure side of the airport. Here we’ve got the luxury of families getting to spend time with their loved ones.”
Officials with “The Kitchen” that is already in operation has contacted us letting us know that they are not affiliated with the new airport vendor.

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