Female security worker, 74, assaulted on the job at Logan

BOSTON — State Police said a 53-year-old man smashed a large backpack into the face of a 74-year-old worker at a Logan Airport security checkpoint Tuesday after she told him it was too large to be carried onto his flight.

Eric S. Brandhorst of Carlisle was taken into custody shortly before 6:30 a.m. by a state trooper who was standing 10 feet away when the assault occurred.

Trooper Dana Cresta was on patrol near the United Airlines entrance to the TSA checkpoint in Terminal B when he saw the security worker speaking to Brandhorst, who was kneeling next to his backpack.

When Brandhorst stood up and asked where he had to go, the security worker pointed toward the United Airlines baggage check area.

Cresta said Brandhorst, who is about 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, swung the backpack with both hands into the victim’s face.

Brandhorst hurried away from the checkpoint, but Cresta arrested him immediately.

Brandhorst with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a person age 60 or older. Brandhorst told troopers he was “aggravated” and had “made mistake.”

The victim, whose identity was not released, had bruises around her left eye and the left side of her face and reported pain in her hip, knee, and shoulder caused by her hitting the floor. She was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital for further examination.

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