Airport Security Fine with Most Travelers but Complaints Persist

Posted today at 4:15am

Creatas/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — The Transportation Security Administration must be doing something right or why else would almost nine out of 10 Americans feel either satisfied or neutral about airport security?

However, the TSA shouldn’t get too cocky about the month-long survey of 2,700 adults conducted by Travel Leaders Group because Americans still have a lot of questions and gripes about the state of air travel.

For instance, two-thirds don’t know whether PreCheck lanes in which members can leave their shoes on and keep their laptops in their bags really makes that much of a difference in speeding things up at security checkpoints.

Meanwhile, with the vast majority having to endure a variety of procedures before they clear security, three in 10 travelers would like to eliminate having to remove their shoes and 18 percent would like an end to the limits on liquids in carry-on bags. However, about one in four say they’re fine with all the inconveniences.

As for the possibility of making cell phone calls during flights one day, the survey showed that 57.5 percent are totally against it while just under six percent support in-flight calls. About 27 percent say they would put limits on the length of conversations if that was feasible.

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