New airport mural showcases area history

By Elisa Sand | Posted: Saturday, May 3, 2014 2:00 am
A new mural has been put in place at the Aberdeen Regional Airport.
The 4-by-48-foot mural was painted by local artists Nick and Nicole Fischer, who have been working
on it for the past two months.

According to a written statement from the artists, the painting is a detailed homage to Aberdeen’s
history. The image begins with the town’s founding fathers, Alexander Mitchell and Charles Prior, who
put Aberdeen on the map when the decision was made to continue the railroads through the area. It
continues with images of a train departing from a depot station, scenes of downtown, familiar statue
landmarks, a scene featuring the courthouse and pheasants in flight.

Suffragist and Native American activist, Matilda Joslyn Gage then introduces the viewer to a large
portrait in the clouds of her son-in-law, Frank L. Baum. The viewer then sees Baum’s characters from
the Wizard of Oz skipping down the yellow brick road past an old homestead that looks as though it’s
about to be taken by a twister. Then Dorothy’s monumental size ruby slippers lead to Aberdeen’s
progress into the future with a biplane capable of connecting the viewer anywhere he or she wishes to
— Staff Reports

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