Man claims two guns were stolen from car

at airport valet

By Nate Stewart

A Statesville man claims two guns were stolen from his vehicle while in the care of the valet at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Donald West told Channel 9 he left his car in the care of the airport valet for four days last week. When he returned, his two guns were missing.

As visitors check in to the airport, there are signs warning that cars dropped off with the Park, Inc. business valet will be searched.

Eyewitness News first reported visitors’ complaints of the searches earlier this month and after that report, more signs were added.

West said he saw the signs and was upfront with the valet and airport security about what was in his car.

He said while his car was searched he told security he was leaving two handguns inside his car’s center console.

“I said, ‘Well, I’ve got two guns inside the car and I have authorization to carry the guns because of a license,'” said West.

When he returned from his trip Saturday, West said the guns were gone.

“First thing I always do is check my console for my guns, and they were missing,” said West.

Police are now investigating and questioning valet employees.

While the airport told us it is illegal to bring guns into secured areas like security gates, police said the valet is considered a public area and that West committed no crime since he disclosed the weapons to security.

West said he’s frustrated knowing someone else has his guns.
“It’s just disappointing,” said West.

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