Airport officials more prepared to handle medical emergencies

Airport officials more prepared to handle medical emergencies

Posted: Oct 30, 2013 3:13 PMBy Aaryn Valenzuela – email

Airport officials are now more prepared to respond to cardiac emergencies.

Thanks to the two area rotary clubs, the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport now has two atrial defibrillators on hand in case of emergencies.
The airport’s old building was only equipped with one that was located behind the security checkpoint.
Now there is two on each side of security, which are more modern. Dr. Charles Gillespie says its great to have two that are up to date.
“Its the response time, as you can imagine if we only had one unit that was on the non-secured area of the barrier, then it would be hard to get it back and forth through security if an instance occured in the security area now we have two units,” says Dr. Charles Gillespie, with the Southwest Regional Airport Commission.
The defibrillators cost about 2500 dollars a piece.
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