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San Diego Int’l Keeps it Green During Terminal 2 Expansion Project

The Terminal 2 expansion at San Diego International Airport (SAN), a project known as the Green Build, was green on two fronts: environmentally and financially.

"The whole building is designed with sustainability in mind," comments Thella Bowens, president/chief executive officer of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, which owns and operates the facility. "Between the monies that we’re generating for the community and the environmentally-sensitive nature of the building, it couldn’t be anything but green."

In August, the airport officially celebrated the completion of the largest project in its storied history. Originally estimated to cost $865 million, the long-term project is currently about $45 million under budget. "We think the facility that we have built over the last three to four years will help us accommodate growth that should sustain the airport well into the future," notes Bowens…

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Florida’s Runway Maintenance Program Gets High Marks from Participants

Most airport executives agree that dealing with governmental bureaucracy is the most frustrating aspect of their job. Between local, state and federal requirements, vital projects can take months, even years, to get approved, not to mention up and running.

The state of Florida, however, is trying to change its part in the process. Three years ago, it launched a program designed to reduce the hassle of getting airport runways, taxiways and other airfield pavement repainted and remarked.

The program ran from early November 2010 through this April, and according to a sampling of the 23 participating airports, the Florida Statewide Runway Markings Contract was a big success…

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