Is it taking too long to vet personnel at your Airport?

Is it taking too long to get personnel to work?

Getting CHRC and STA results for airport personnel can be a cumbersome task that’s burdened with paperwork and delays. If it’s taking too long to clear and vet your personnel and those of your tenants, switch to the Telos ID Designated Aviation Channeling (DAC) service.

Check out the ways that Telos ID DAC makes getting CHRC and STA results a snap:

· Ease of Submission – CHRC and STA data can be submitted simultaneously; no matching required

· Automated Web Fingerprint Capture – Streamlines processes and reduces risk of personally identifiable information (PII) breach with no local data storage

· Fast and Easy to Use – Quick and easy enrollment with flat or slap fingerprints; faster STA processing with supporting I-9 documents attached to your submissions

· Enhanced Functionality – Applicant/Signatory portals and Scheduling modules increase the efficiencies of your badging processes

Add in lower costs, enhanced security, and responsive customer support, and Telos ID DAC is the right choice for your channeling requirements.

Here’s what aviation professionals are saying about the Telos ID DAC service:

ü “When we submitted our first application for an individual born outside the U.S. — a concessionaire employee — an official at TSA called and said that their adjudication center was thrilled with that attachment capability. The concessionaire manager was very pleased that their applicant was approved so quickly.” Bonnie Hankins, Airport Security Coordinator, Sacramento International Airport

ü “The Telos ID Channeling Service has saved the airport time and money and has allowed us to increase our level of customer service. When making a change to a long-held service, there is always a bit of concern. However, we found that the transition from our old provider to Telos was seamless.” Brian D. Rumble, Manager of Facilities Development, Tampa International Airport

Now is the time to end the hassles you deal with every day in getting personnel vetted and cleared to work. For more information, get in touch today.

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