Infrastructure Daily News 02.01.13

Transportation Sector

. January 31, Bloomberg News – (National) High winds delay New York-bound flights as cold front passes. High winds cancelled 869 flights around the country, and caused delays into New York City’s LaGuardia airport, as a cold front continued to move across the continental U.S. Source : York-Bound-Flights-as-Cold-4239232.php

. January 31, Charleston Observer – (North Carolina) Smoke in cockpit grounds US Airways plane during take-off. A US Airways plane was grounded after takeoff from Charlotte when flight crews reported smoke in the cockpit. Investigators are trying to determine the cause of the smoke. Source: us-airways.html

. January 31, Associated Press – (Missouri) High winds blow 48 rail cars off track in SE Mo. A strong windstorm caused 48 cars of a 112-car cargo train to derail near Rockview. Approximately 800 feet of track was damaged as well. Source: in-se-mo

. January 31, Associated Press – (Virginia) 8 students injured in Henrico school bus accident. A school bus traveling to Elko Middle school was hit by a car, causing injuries to eight students who were sent to a hospital. Source: accident-ar-2501768/

. January 31, CNN – (Georgia; Tennessee) High winds, tornado trap Georgia residents. High winds and a tornado January 30 flipped over dozens of cars in Adairsville on Interstate 75. Over 20,000 residents experienced power outages and numerous injuries were reported, two fatal. Source: axzz2JZaktF7W

. January 31, KHOU 11 Houston – (Texas) 18 students transported to hospital after smoke fills bus. Eighteen students aboard a bus en route to Northwest Prep Academy were transported to a hospital and showed elevated carbon monoxide levels after the bus filled with smoke. Source: fills-vehicle-189203181.html

Postal and Shipping Sector
Nothing to report

Emergency Services Sector

. January 31, Minneapolis Star-Tribune – (Minnesota) Few details offered on incident that injured 4 Stillwater prison staffers. An altercation at Stillwater state prison January 30 left two workers with minor injuries while two were taken to a local hospital. Source: