Infrastructure_daily_news Daily News 09.06.12

Transportation Sector

. September 4, Parsippany Daily Record – (New Jersey) Fire destroys historic Sparta Train Station. The historic Sparta Train Station in Sparta, New Jersey was destroyed September 3 in a fire, according to police. Rail service for The New York Susquehanna & Western Railroad Line was disrupted for approximately 3 hours until the scene could be made safe, police said. Firefighters from the Sparta and Ogdensburg Fire Departments battled the blaze for approximately an hour and a half before finally clearing from the scene. One firefighter from Ogdensburg suffered from heat exhaustion and was treated at the scene. No other structures were damaged as a result of the fire. Source: historic-Sparta-Train-Station?odyssey=nav|head&nclick_check=1 For more stories, see items 1, 3, 4, 5, 11, 20, 21, 23, 43, and 49

Postal and Shipping Sector Nothing to report

Emergency Services Sector

. September 5, USA Today – (Alabama) Alabama first state to scan fingerprints of prison visitors. The Alabama Department of Corrections has enacted a first-in-thenation policy requiring visitors at the State’s prisons to have their fingerprint scanned before they are allowed to enter the facilities, USA Today reported September 5. No other State prison system has a similar requirement. The change, implemented in August, has its roots in the prison system getting a new computer program, said a spokesman for the Department of Corrections. He stated, “We still require visitors to have a government-issued photo ID, and that requirement will remain in place. But there are times when someone else resembles the photo on an ID. Scanning the fingerprint of visitors verifies they are who they say they are.” Alabama prison visitors’ fingerprints will not be filed in a database, and the prints will not be shared with other local, State, or national law enforcement agencies, the corrections spokesman said. Source:|newswell|te xt|News|p

. September 5, Tredyffrin-Easttown Patch – (Pennsylvania) New details in Tredyffrin police car fire. A fiery explosion blew apart a Tredyffrin, Pennsylvania Police Department patrol vehicle September 1, blowing the trunk, glass, and metal 50 feet into the air. The Tredyffrin police superintendent said a police woman was on patrol when she smelled smoke coming from the rear of her car. The officer got out of the vehicle and called for help. She was able to remove her firearms and ammunition from the car as she got out. Moments later the car was engulfed in flames. Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire shortly after their arrival. According to the fire company and the police chief, the Chester County Fire Marshal is investigating the cause of the blaze, which started in the rear wheel well area. The fire company reports that “a preliminary source of the blaze has been attributed to the area of the secondary power distribution system located in the trunk of the car.” There have been a number of incidents of Dodge Charger police cars catching fire in the past 2 years. Source:

. September 5, El Centro Imperial Valley Press – (California) 5 injured after inmates attack at Calipatria State Prison. Five Calipatria, California State Prison workers were injured September 4 after 30 to 40 inmates attacked them outside one of the housing facilities. The prison was on a modified program — only allowing for minimal movements around the facility — September 4 after four correctional officers and one sergeant were hurt in “an unprovoked attack,” the administrative lieutenant said. An officer had been doing a search in front of one of the housing units when the inmates were being called back to their cells, and one inmate swung around and started to hit the officer. Immediately, between 30 and 40 inmates ran to join the attack, he said. Because the inmates did not stop, two warning shots were fired. That, however, did not quell the incident, and chemical agents and 44-mm rounds of nonlethal foam projectiles were used to bring the inmates into compliance, he said. When the incident was over, the five workers were taken to an outside medical facility to be evaluated. Source: at-calipatria-state-prison-20120905,0,3558571.story

. September 5, KTVI 2 St. Louis – (Missouri) Woman says man posing as cop pulled her over, punched her. Clayton, Missouri police are investigating a possible case of a man impersonating a law officer. Authorities said the suspect pulled over a woman September 5 in a police-like vehicle, then physically assaulted her before she was able to get away. Investigators said the woman was driving when the man pulled up behind her. KTVI 2 St. Louis was told the car had flashing lights on the dashboard and flashing headlights. The car also had a spotlight. The man got out of the car and was wearing a gray shirt with an oval gold badge on it along with dark pants and a holster with something on the left side of it. He reportedly opened the woman’s door, pulled her out, punched her in the face, then pulled her to the front of her car and threw her on the ground. The police chief said the woman hit the man in the groin, and then got into her car and drove off to her workplace where she called police. Source: punched-her/

. September 5, Associated Press – (Washington) Washington sniper was disabled military veteran who recently divorced, moved to rural home. A sniper killed in a shootout with police about 50 miles north of Seattle was described September 5 as a disabled military veteran who was recently divorced and had mental health problems. He died from multiple gunshot wounds, the Snohomish County medical examiner’s office said. Two deputies are on leave for the investigation into the September 2 shooting, said a Snohomish County sheriff’s spokeswoman. They were part of the SWAT team that responded to a sniper wounding one man and shooting several vehicles. It apparently began when a man was shot in his calf in his driveway. That was followed by reports of bullets hitting cars. The wounded man was treated at a hospital and released. A SWAT team responded and the sniper was killed in a shootout that the sheriff’s spokeswoman described as an intense few minutes in which many shots were fired on both sides. The number of shots led police to believe a second sniper might have been involved. It took hours to secure the area. Source: cars-in-wash-state-was-likely-killed-by-swat-officer/2012/09/05/71eb2a7af723- 11e1-a93b-7185e3f88849_story.html

. September 4, Contra Costa Times – (California) In wake of escapes, security upgrades in line for Devore jail. On the heels of three recent inmate escapes from the county’s Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center in San Bernardino, California, law enforcement officials are looking to upgrade the facility to defend against further security risks, Contra Costa Times reported September 4. The sheriff said the Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center — with barbed-wire fences protecting the perimeter — was designed for minimum-security, but has seen an influx of offenders released from state prison under A.B. 109, California’s realignment program, which aims to reduce the prison population by 30,000 by June 2013. The sheriff’s department anticipated the potential for problems prior to the first escapes June 19, when two inmates disappeared. Authorities later captured both escapees. The sheriff said his department had already put in an emergency request to the county board of supervisors for $1 million, funds that will go to security upgrades on items such as doors and fencing. Source: upgrades-line-devore-jail