A/C Lightning Strike

: Why we pause ground ops when lightning is reported in the area…

You may have to look at this several times before you see everything going

Lightning strike to a plane at the gate. You’ll need to watch it a few
times; it’s only about 11 seconds.

Watch closely at the tail of the plane. (looking for a lightning strike)
Then replay it and watch the front landing gear.

Three key things/areas to watch:
1) First watch the tail of the aircraft as the bolt hits the vertical stab,
do not blink, it happens that fast.
2) Second, watch the nose of the aircraft where ground crew is walking up
to, and under, the nose of the plane.
3) Third, look just to your left of the nose gear. That brown square on the
ground is a metal plate imbedded in the concrete, with a small manhole
cover. The strike exits onto the metal plate, and sends the manhole cover
arching through the air to the left and lands where the tug’s trailer just