Wanted: Albury Airport security guard thief

Wanted: Albury Airport security guard thief

21 Feb, 2012 01:00 AM
A FORMER security guard who took advantage of closed circuit footage glitch at Albury Airport to steal $14,000 in 2010 had warrants issued yesterday for his arrest. Luke Daniel Ryland, 28, was convicted in his absence after failing to attend Albury Local Court on charges of break, enter and steal and theft with solicitor Mark Cronin withdrawing from the case.

Magistrate Tony Murray was told in tendered police facts that Ryland was working for MDPI security and used an airport management master key to get access to a safe.
Just before midnight on February 20, 2010, someone got access to the baggage area and subsequently managed to get access through several operating alarms.

But security cameras had not been operating at the airport since December 17, 2009.
That was due to the radio frequency of the cameras interfering with planes’ navigation systems.

Police were called to the airport about 9.45am on February 21 by the manager who reported the theft.
It was revealed the thief had gone from the baggage area to the cafeteria, which required a master key.
Codes had been used to circumvent the various alarms which were operating.

The master key was put back in place and three months after the theft police interviewed Ryland in Victoria, but he denied any involvement.
He admitted touching cash tins at the airport, but claimed he was looking for a pen.

His security licence was cancelled after it was revealed he used false documentation to obtain it.
Ryland recently had warrants issued for his arrest by Judge Martin Blackmore in the District Court at Albury.
He was due to appear for trial over the theft of more than $50,000 from two Border businesses in 2008 and 2009.
Ryland began working as a security guard in 2007 and his responsibilities involved patrols of business premises and Albury Council properties that the company obtained the contract for in September 2006.

A safe at the IGA in East Albury had $36,442 stolen from it on October 12, 2008.
That was the takings from three days and the safe was inside a locked strongroom.
An amount of $16,690 was stolen from Blacklocks Ford in Lavington on September 27, 2009.


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