Loaded handgun is found in carry-on bag

At Metro Airport

February 15, 2012
By Elisha Anderson

Detroit Free Press Staff Writer

A loaded handgun was found inside a Superior Township man’s carry-on bag when it went through an X-ray machine at Detroit Metro Airport on Monday.
Airport police arrested the 39-year-old, whose name has not been released, for a checkpoint violation at about 1 p.m., airport spokesman Scott Wintner said. The traveler was released on bond.

The traveler had a valid permit for the gun, admitted it was his gun and said he forgot it was in the bag, Wintner said.
Transportation Security Administration officials say the man was going through security at the McNamara Terminal for a Delta flight headed to Atlanta when the gun was discovered. Guns and ammunition are not allowed in carry-on baggage, but travelers may fly with unloaded guns if they are checked and declared.

A TSA blog posted Feb. 10 said airport officials across the country found 14 loaded guns and nine unloaded guns in carry-on baggage during the previous seven days. Among other finds that same week: two cannonballs, two grenades, a grenade launcher, an antique firearm and several knives.
“Unfortunately these sorts of occurrences are all too frequent which is why we talk about these finds,” the blog post says.
In 2011, about 1,300 guns, or three to four a day, were found in carry-on luggage at airports across the country, TSA spokesman Jim Fotenos said.
Authorities at Metro find weapons that aren’t allowed several times a week, on average, Wintner said. “It’s fairly common here,” he said.


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